Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Forgiveness is key!

Forgiveness, is a word that use to make me feel uneasy, mainly because of past hurts I had concealed.  I mean, it is really hard to forgive someone/persons when they have taken your good deeds for granted or hurt one of your nearest and dearest. However, through my reading and personal experiences I have been reminded that, forgiveness is key and the most important method that supports our well being, without practicing this method frequently, I have found everything else is an effort and up ward struggle, with stress, depression and  illnesses in tow for the pity party. I am still learning about this process and will never stop, as every time I go through the forgiving process, I learn something new about myself.  I have to forgive daily, I have to assess my thoughts daily and I have to choose my words wisely. This is all apart of my growth and this approach may not work for another individual, however I feel that it has benefited me in numerous ways. At times I do not feel like forgiving, but with consistent praying, meditating and reading, I see the bigger picture and manage to get through.

I would rather have peace of mind than allow bitterness to control me.


  1. I agree with you - I think in part, forgiveness is about the other person, but a huge part of it is self-healing.
    One thing you might find interesting - I just read a book called "Forgiving the Unforgivable" by one of my favorite spiritualists, Master Charles Cannon (http://forgivingtheunforgivable.com). Master Charles was a victim of a 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai, and lost one of his friends during the event. He talks about how forgiving the terrorists is the only option to being a soul at peace, and that idea has really stuck with me.

    1. Thank you Justin78 for the recommendation. I am currently reading Catherine Ponder "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" This book is awesome and is really hitting home for me.